Ahlan Bel Sokkan

30 episodes

Hassan Abdeen – Nabila El Sayed – Hassan Mostafa – Nagah El Mogy  – Ragaa al Gidawi – Imad Rashad – Mimi Gamal – Sahar Ramy – Nabil Badr -Abdel Salam Al Dahshan – Naiema Al Saghir – Ibrahim Yousry – Afaf Rashad – Hafez Amin – Fadia Okasha – Badr Nofal – Mohamed Farid – Samira Sedky .

Scriptwriter:  Fesal Nada
Director:  Mokhtar El Sayed
Production year:   1985
Episodes : 30
Genre :  Comic


Asfour Afandy an honorable kind and poor man living with his dad and his family also his daughter and her husband all  together in a running down house, he has no hand to move to other house because of being  financially down .

And Finally he found the solution with Santawi Bek  (the owner of the real estate company he works at), they will have an agreement together in secret that is for one year, Asfour will move to ( Borg Al Ahlam – The Building Of Dreams) and Asfour will make marketing campaign for this building .

Thus, Asfour and his family as a result, they moved to new elegant house in elite residential area .And they meet with people who come to live in this building and were actually deceived by the intensive propaganda.

Residents were a variety of types, we will meet with Soso Tarab the million stereo Tape singer ,also the plumber who  get married from Inas the aristocratic lady , and the builder who is fascinated by the glowing lights of the town, in addition to the notable who is having an office for scammers, then the engineer who is travelling abroad all time and collecting money for his wife to get an apartment in this building that will be reason for the quarrel .

Moreover, a group of other human models that mixed together to form a comic harmony that reveals mistakes and to amend the life tracks of humans together. Finally, love and ethics together will regain.