Afrah Eblies 2

Episodes 32
part two 2018
traditional drama

Cast :
Gamal Soliman – Sabrin – Mahmoud abdel Ghany – Kamal abo raya- Mona abdel Ghany – Ahmed Safwat – Menna Fadaly – Mido Adel – Yasser Farag – Mahmoud El Gendy – Yasser Farag – Mahmoud El Gendy – Enas Ezz Eldin – Hanady – Rana Samaha – Mai Fakhry – Aya Samaha – Ragwa Hamed – Mohamed ezz- Basma Yasser – ahmed Hany – Nadia Rashad – Deyaa El Merghany – Mohamed El Sawi – afaf Rashad – Hamdy El Wazir – Abdallah Meshref – Abdel Rehim Hassan – Mustafa Hashish – Wafaa Salem – Ahmed Halawa – Tamer Deyaey – Mohamed Abo El Wafa – Lamiaa El Amir – Helmi Foda – Amira El Sherbiny – Laila Hussein – Mahmoud Fares

Scriptwriter : Magdy Saber
Director: Ahmed Khaled Amin

The events of the series begin with Dahab trying to kill Hammam .. Dahab was working as a servant for Hammam ..
And when he wanted to marry her she refused.. And she married a young man that Hammam killed on the night of their marriage.. And this is what we expose through the flashback .. so Dahab tried to take revenge on Hammam by killing him but she failed and got a bullet shot .. Everyone thought she is dead.. Kamalat ordered hammam men’s to take the corpse of Dahab and bury it anywhere.

But on the way, they discovered that she was still alive.. They threw her on the road and left the place.. At the same time, Fawzi was returning from his home in Upper Egypt to Cairo, where he works as a chief editor for a magazine.. Fawzi found Dahab on the road between life and death.. So he took her to the hospital and called his cousin Lieutenant Fares who works in Qena Security Directorate. Dahab operation was carried out and she survived … but she remained in a coma for a few days, during this time the police tried to reveal the truth of her identity and the reason for the shooting but they failed .. Then Dahab come out … The police interrogated her but she told them a false story in order to hide the truth about he attempt to killiing Hammam from the police.

As for Hammam .. who was shocked by the murder of his son Kamal which affected his talking and his physical abilities .. So Kamalat took over the mango gardens that he owned .. And decided to sell it’s crop at Obour market with the help of Zain, the husband of her daughter .. And when Hammam knows that he got furious on Kamalat.

With time and treatment, Hammam’s condition began to improve, Still he hid that fact from his family and pretended he was still ill ..

Then Noaman comes to visit Hammam .. Noaman was one of the largest arms smugglers to Egypt .. Hammam had been working with him for many years .. Because of that Hammam became rich ..
As for Dahab, she is still afraid of  revealing the truth. She escapes from the hospital and no one knows her way after she traveled to Cairo.

As for Fares the detective officer … he loved Maryam, the daughter of Abed Al-Nimr because of their relatives .. Abed, Maryam’s father, was engaged in arms trading with Hammam and Numan back days.. Abed was arrested fifteen years ago .. and he was sentenced for life .. Then he was released from prison after Fifteen years as a healthy release ..

Khaled asked his father Abed about the one who told the  police about him in the past .. Abed tells him that Hammam was the one who did it and that was because Abed seized a shipment of weapons belonging to Numan who used Hammam to track Abed down and imprison him as a punishment for what he did .. Therefore, Khaled swears to take revenge for his father from Hammam ..

As for Badr the son of Hammam .. who was residing in Cairo, he was married to Nadine, daughter of Aziz Beek, the great politician .. who obtained a government cement factory that was offered for sale .. With Aziz’s influence and cunning he was able to purchase the factory for a quarter of its price .. Hammam and Aziz was participated in Buying the factory .. and agreed that Bader manage the factory .. Badr was nostalgic for his ex-girlfriend the singer Hana … whose his father refused to marry her .. and forced him to marry Nadine, daughter of Aziz Beek.

But Badr was still in love with her and he tried to find a way to get her back after she left him when he married Nadine ..

And there was a records company that intended to produce an album for Hana.. But Badr bought the company and became the owner of an Hana’s album .. which was surprised by what happened .. Because of that, Badr and Hana came close … Badr produced the album for her and broadcast her songs in A satellite channel that he bought .. But Aziz doubts the reason for Badr broadcasting Hana’s songs on the channel .. Then he discovers the truth that Badr and Hana returned to meet and between them had a marriage promise .. He finds Badr and threatens him if he does not move away from Hana .. Badr is forced to leave Hana once again and staying away from her .. Hana suffered a psychological crisis because of Badr leaving her for the second time .. While Badr regrets it for his lost love ..

As for Zain, Alia’s husband, Hammam’s daughter, Zain loved her very much .. and refused to believe that Hammam was the one who killed his father … because he would lose Alia ..

Abed and Khaled Al-Nimr are trying to lure Zain to kill Hammam in revenge for his father, but Zain refuses and tells Hammam.
Abed and Khaled know and decide to take revenge on Zain by framing him and they succeed with brilliantness.

But Hammam was able to smuggle Zain from prison … and made him reside on an island in Aswan owned by Noman, the arms dealer, so that Zain would be under his protection … and Alia go and live with Zain on that island in Aswan ..

After that, the police raided the island in Aswan .. Zain was wounded by a bullet and he fell in the Nile .. He was swept away by the stream, and found by a fisherman “Emad” who rescued and medicate him until he recovers .. Then he resides with Emad in his cabin by the Nile ..

As for Hammam, he decided to reveal Zain’s innocence .. There were two witnesses against Zain, who falsely testified against him for the crime of murder .. after the instigation of Abed and Khaled Al-Nimr .. The two witnesses Radi and Fawaz wanted to marry Naama and Bahia daughters of Farghal who works in Hammam’s land .. So Hammam agreed with him to demonstrate He agreed with the marriage of his two daughters, Bahia and Nima, from Radi and Fawaz..and he would provide hashish and alcohol for them..and then make them sign a declaration insted of the marriage certificate states that Zain was not the murderer and that Abed and Khaled Al-Nimr incited them to do so.

Hammam presents the declaration to the prosecution, which apprehends Radi and Fawaz .. They say that they thought that they were going through the marriage certificate while they were submissive and that everything that came with the declaration is not true ..

But the prosecution accuses Abed and Khaled Al-Nimr that they are the killers .. And they are those who instigated Fawaz and Radi for false testimony .. Abed and Khaled find no wayout except that Radi and Fawaz to confess to the crime to save Abed and Khaled .. Radi accept after a promise to smuggle him from prison, but Fawaz refuses … So Radi kills him .. and in the investigation he says that Fawaz was the one who commit the murder… and that he quarreled with him because Fawaz refused to acknowledge the truth .. And Abed Al-Nimr and Khaled are released .. After Radi’s confession ..

And with Radi’s confession The accusation is dropped from Zain and he returns to his family .. During that time, Zahir (who killed Kamal the son of Hammam and was imprisoned) .. He brings false witnesses to prove that he killed Kamal in self-defense .. especially since Kamal goes to Zahir’s house and threatens to kill him .. So Zahir is released.

But Hammam decided to have revenge from the one who killed his son through a way that is no one can imagine .
He kidnapped Zaher and tied him in an abundant place then he left him facing two ferocious dogs which started attacking him until he died.  No one could reach the one who did this because Hamam at this time was still pretending to be sick.
Dahab then went to Fawzi at his office thanking him for saving his life he then admired her and decided to let her stay with him . Hammam then get recovered after it’s been away the fact to kill Zaher
Gaber then returned back from Libya with his wife and they stayed at the house of Zen (his cousin),He asked Zen who has killed his father and he replied that he don’t know the killer , but some news reached him about the fact that Hammam is the one who killed his father but he kept this info for himself.
A great fire occurred in the house of Hammam and his land as well , this fire was about to end the life of Hammam and his family  except when  escaping out of the house .
Hammam lost all his wealth in this fire  so he decided to return to weapons trade with Numan by smuggling from Libya to Egypt , he quickly earned money and get back his loss then he furnished his house and fixed his land .
Zen has doubts about Gaber due to his weird attitude so he put a recorder to him ,by this way Zen discovered that Gaber was working with some thieves in Libya and he steel million dollar which been hidden in a far place . Zen started to follow Gaber until he reach the place where he hide the money and he finally took them .Gaber then shocked by the fact that the money is not there but he don’t know who has stolen it.
Abed could reach the way that Numan uses to smuggle weapons and he told the police about the info as kind of revenge because he was the reason of his being prisoned.
The police men when arresting the men of Numan ,they had no evidence against him specially that they didn’t spoke with any issue that convicting him .
Hammam thought that Abed was the one who fired his house so he decided to get revenge also for the reason that he is the one who told the police about Numan .
Hammam hired someone to kill Khaled but he was saved from real death after recovery he decided to take revenge from Hammam by kidnapping his daughter Alyaa ,but Fares interfered in a fatal moment to save her and kill the  kidnappers ,without having a single evidence for Khaled and Abed to kidnap Alya .

Fares was on a visit for his brother Fawzi in Cairo, he was surprised by the presence of Dahab who has escaped from the hospital, so she has to tell Fares the truth and that she has doubts about Hammam who might kill her groom because she refused marrying from Hammam , he then shocked by the fact that she is still alive and  ,so the police started investigating with Hammam but no evidence against him , so he is free and Dahab was surprised by Hammam asking her for marriage ,and she agreed , and thus Hammam married her in Cairo Secretly.
Mariem (Daughter of Abed) got engaged from Fares who has doubts about Rady that Fawaz is the one who killed Hussien ,until Fares could reach an evidence proofing that Khaled and Abed are the killers of Hussien , Abed and Khaled discovered the issue ,so they immediately thought about causing troubles for Fares through putting a huge quantity of drugs in his car ,and he actually arrested without knowing who is behind this act.

The event of marriage between Dahab and Hammam spread and caused a problem between him and Kamalat .
Then some women go through the house of Dahab in Cairo and they kicked and hit her so she moved to the hospital ,Hammam thought that Kamalat is the one who did ,so he decided to officially married Dahab as a punishment for Kamalat .

He took Dahab to stay with him in his place and that was like a shock for Kamalat ,but Dahab planned for their getting divorced ,so she put poison for herself in food so she moved to hospital where they proofed she had a poisonous food ,and then she accused Kamalat of this and she told Hamman to divorce her or she will go the police and will tell the police about Kamalat .so he already did .

As for Badr when he discovered his dad marriage from Dahab who was their servant ,and how his father refused his marriage from Hana for being a singer ,so he decided to marry in secret from Hana and the official wife Nadine .
Zen decided to record for Gaber through which he discovered that Gaber is the one behind the fire at Hammam home so he obligated Gaber to tell him about the place where he hide the million dollar .

Gaber thought to kill Zen when he felt that the money will gone to Zen so Emad El Sayad interfered to save Zen and he died instead at this time the fire spread all over the store and the money were fired as well , so both Gabe and Zen escaped ,and Gaber went to hide in an deserted place.

And thus Hammam lost all his money that he collected from the trade of weapons and he returned being a man that owns nothing.

Then the police discovered the issue that Fares is innocent from what he was accused of , and that the one who did this act is Abed and his son Khaled , so Fares get released and return to his work then got married from Mariem .

Gaber then followed Hammam car and shot him with his followers so the car bombed and Hammam died and finally Gaber arrested and the police took the weapons he has stolen from Hammam.

And finally  heavenly justice took place .