Abtal Wo Nesaa


Nabil & Wahid are two brothers and wrestling heroes as well, while being in Paris for a final match a lady has put drugs inside their bags without their knowledge.
They came back to Beirut dealers of the drugs need the drugs they have in their bag, so they decided to send some members to bring the drugs back with them. Among the members was Donia who has let wahid fall in her love. The two brothers achieved winning while meeting global figures. Moreover, they lead the police to the gang members then they get married from Donia and her Colleague.
)Lebanese movie)

Al Ekhwan Saada – Nabila Ebeid – Sayed El Maghraby – Madiha Kamel – Samia Shoukry – Ibrahim Maraashly – Fawzi Kayali – Joseph Moawad – Hassan Banat  Sports team – Khader Nasser El Din – Gawdat El Badawy –
Hoda Aris – Silvia Colion – Georgina Rizk – Hani Shoeir.

Writer: Naser Hussein
Director: Naser Hussein
Production year: 1968
Genre: social