Ezzat & Fathy are two prisoners who escaped from the prison while bonded together with chains.

ِAfter been chased by the police men they resorted to an outback  where they met with Saneya( the sister of a prisoner) who was living alone and having a private business and a taxi .

Ezzat after feeling that Saneya is sympathized with him he decided to tell her his full story and that he was working as driver in a contractors company owned by Shaker El Desouki and while delivering a shipment he is arrested by the police for breaking the rules and go to jail.

He was shocked that Shaker did not offer him any help, so he decided to escape from the prison for revenge.

The police officers increased their efforts until reaching Ezzat and Fathy who were hiding in a cave after they left the house of Saneya.

They were sent to prison again while Sanneya is farewell Ezzat promising him that she is waiting.

Farid Shawki, Youssef Shaaban, Suheir El-Morshedi, Mohammad El-Dafrawi, Zizi El-Badrawi, Ibrahim El-Shami, Mohammad Abaza, Mohammed Tawfiq,
Kawthar Shafiq, Fatheya Shaheen, Mahmoud El-Sakka, Mahmoud Rashad, Ahmed Maher, Abdul Ghani El-Nagdi, Helmi Helaly, and the child Ola Rami.

Writer: Samy Amin Ghoniem
Director: Hassan Reda
Production year: 1970
Genre: social