Tawfeek is a well-educated man who has a shop for a small private business; he tried to make like a small school from the community around him like his employees to let them learn good ethics.

He is dreaming to have a son and once he got a child so was fiercely happy to the extent that he forgets any good ethics while bringing up his child who was overly pampered and has no idea about the right and wrong.

Murad as a result was totally wrong and unjust while treating people, he once was the reason for entering a man into prison while he is innocent.

One day Murad was kidnapped by a gang and stayed away of his father so long, that was a message that God has given you a gift that you have to make good use of.

When Murad returned to his father ,Tawfeek started to implant all the missing ethics in Murad to be a good man for his family and the society as well.

Mahmoud El Meligy – Ahmad Allam – Kamelia –
Salah El Din – Ismael Yassin – Negma Ibrahim – Anwar Zakil – Hassan El Baroudi – Jehan – Soad Ahmed – Lotfy El Hakim – Mahmoud Reda – Riad Al Kasabgy –
Soheir Fakhry.

Writer: Abdallah Barakat
 Abdallah Barakat
Production year:
Genre: Social