Selsal El-Damm season 2

tv series
60 episodes

 Cast :

  Abla Kamel – Reyad El khouli – Ahmed Bedeir – Ola Ghanem – Ahmed Saeid Abdel Ghany – Randa El Behery – Fadya Abdel Ghany – Rashwan Tawfeek – Hady El Gayyar – Gamal Esmail – Menna Fadali – Samir Hosny – Mohamed El sawi .

Scriptwriter : Magdy saber
Director : Mostafa El Shall


Youssef was been hiding in the graveyard area and he then decided to kill Haroun to get the revenge for his son , he tried to kill Haroun by his gun , but unfortunately the bullet hurt his son and Harun started searching about who might be behind this act with no idea about that he is Youssef .
audience then discovered that Youssef was been rescued through one of the villagers , Youssef then sneaks to Haorun house and he teaches him a great lesson and then he left him hanged up waiting for his death, but Hemdan rescued his father at the last moment .
Youssef then went to Egypt without having an idea about the fact that Haroun send someone to catch and kill him .Youssef then get arrested for the reason of being homeless.
Nasra then reach the idea that her husband is still alive and is arrested so she is waiting for him back to her life .
Nasra went to Alexandria to stay there with Youssef but he decided to get back home to face Haroun who has ordered someone to kill him and he actually did this time .
They all were shocked by the kill of Youssef and they were not be able to proof how Haroun was behind this crime .
Haroun then discovered the fact that he has a grandson from his passed son and he decieded to let him leave with him at his house which raised the aggression between this grandson and Hemdan , he also tried to kill Nasra while she is inside her car , and the final scene for part 2.