Selsal El-Damm

Tv series
episodes : 54

Cast :

  Abla Kamel – Reyad El khouli – Ahmed Bedeir – Ahmed Saeid Abdel
Ghany – Randa El Behery – Fadya Abdel Ghany

Scriptwriter : Magdy saber
Director : Mostafa El Shall



Nasra survived from being killed ,Hemdan then tried to kill Deyaa through tiding him and throwing him in the canal in-order to get rid of him for not inheriting his father later, but Deyaa could survive finally for his being qualified which caused a shock for Hemdan who thought that he  was been drowned .
while Nasra agreed to let her daughter marry with Yehya ( Haroun son from second wife) who was greatly feeling discontentment against his father Haroun for not taking care of him for long ago ,as for being also a prosecutor he is displeased with the behavior of his father ,Yehya arrested Hemdan but Haroun could let him free from this accusation as he was member of the assembly ,as a result Yehya resigned and established a private business for himself and worked as a lawyer .
Nasra then agreed to let her daughter marry Yehya with one condition which is the presence of Haroun , and actually did Haroun .

Nasr goes in a fight with someone who is a partner of Haroun , they combined together to burn her goods and the try to kill her , this man was been arrested without being able to admit that Haroun was behind this act ..
Haroun was able to smuggle his son Hemdan and send him to a distant place to be hidden but finally he was arrested and sent back to jail.
Then a big event took place the January 2011 revolution and the assembly was disbanded and became with no authority, the last scene was about a devastating fight between Nasra and Haroun .