Sahebt Al-Omara


 A poor guy and lady loving each other and they decided to get married with no matter how they will leave while being this poor. In the wedding night, the girl became right by legacy and she got a building totally hers.

She then discovered that her poor husband is not matching her, and she need to live a free life away of his barriers.

She met with a man who taught her everything she has no idea about she lived the life of the rich with thoughtlessness and disrespecting to morals or her husband.

It is not too long, she lost all her wealth, she then discovered that all people who were surrounding her were just a greedy for her money and not her personally, and they all left her in the crisis time alone facing her destiny.

She felt regretful and tried to get back to her husband who forgives her and they started to live a loving life despite being poor as she is no more the owner of the building.

Mohamed Fawzi – Samia Gamal – Ismail Yassin – Zinat Sedqi – Abdel Hamid Zaki – Ahmed Haddad – Mohamed El Deeb – Mahmoud Naseer – Saleh Al-Karani – Ali El Kassar.

Writer: Abd El Fattah Hassan
Abd El Fattah Hassan
Production year:
Genre: Social