Rehlet Hob


Ahmed, a painter, met with a friend of his dad who is wishing to let him marry his ugly daughter. Ahmed met with the dancer Nawal who is in a relation with the business man Hamed.

Ahmed and Nawal going for a trip to Syria, Hamed is following them for getting jewelry inside Ahmed’s car.
In addition, both make a check in inside the same hotel.
Finally, the Syrian police come to arrest the gang.

Hassan Yousef – Shams El Baroudi – Abu Sabah – Ziad Mowaladi – Eghraa – Samia Algazairy – Yaseen Bakush – Nabila El Nabulsi – Ahmed El Tarabishi.

Writer: Abdel Aziz Sallam
Youssef Maalouf
Production year:
Genre: social