Qalb Yahtareq


Hamdy is an investigator who is living happily with his wife Aida and their son Essam.

One day Aida meet up with an old friend of her (Zozo) who is fleeing from her husband (Farid) after pushing him to steel an amount of money from the company where he is working.

Without the knowledge of Aida, Zozo put the amount in her bag as Farid will come and search for the money, Zozo is asked to give the money for her old lover Lotfy who will make a scandal for her in case she doesn’t return the money she owed for Lotfy.

Aida doesn’t found the money in her bag as the chance lead her son to the money and he hides the money among his puppets.

Essam was kidnapped for returning back the money by his family, and while this chasing is occurring, Zozo was killed by Farid.

When Hamdy knows about this accident he does all of his efforts to let his child be safe and come back home, and Lotfy the kidnapper is arrested.

Madiha Yosry – Emad Hamdi – Mahmoud El Meligy – Wedad Hamdy – Salwa Mahmoud – Said Khalil – Mahmoud Azmi – Nagwa Fouad.

Writer: Sabry Ezzat
Kamal El Sheikh
Production year:
Genre: Social