Okbal El-Bakary



A belly dancer who has many fans but she is loving a guy (an artist) loves her for herself not for her being famous or her money. She truly loves him and touches every meaning of love with him and when they decided to get married there is no flat they have.

The artist searches for an apartment, while doing so he meets with a family who is having a girl and they aim to let him marry her, they are offering the flat where he will marry their daughter.

He has accused of many problems but he could solve them all and return to his beloved.


Taheya Karioka – Mahmoud El Meligy – Ismael Yassin – Abdel Fattah Al Kusary – Hassan Kamel – Ibrahim Emara – Zinat Sedqi – Gamalat Zayed – Tawfiq Ismail – Mahmoud Nasr

Writer:  Abo El Soaoud El Ebiary
Ebrahim Emara
Production year: