Mohema Fe Al-Sharq El-Awsat


A Turkish police man felt in love with Laila the singer in a casino who is owned by Johan who is outside the realm of law.

The gang members attacked Morad and it was said that he was killed, Johan convinced Laila to travel to Lebanon for joining a nightclub that he owns and she accepts.

Morad is still alive and he went after Laila to Lebanon where he could arrest all the bad members with the assistance of his colleague Farid and his fiancé Nadia the belly dancer.

Laila knows that her love Morad is still alive so she decided to offer him help and the chasing scene moved to the airport where the boss is arrested before escaping.

Samira Ahmed – Adel Adham – Nagwa Fouad – Albert Salian – Kokshel Orswi – Mahmoud Said – Mansour Said – Nadia Halabi.

Writer: Hanaa Anal
Director: Zafer Dawood Oghlo
Production year: 1969
Genre: Social