Lobna W El-les


Cast : Samah Anwar – Medhat Saleh – Emad Rashad – Nadya Ezzat – Houda Easa- Salah Abdallah – Ranya Fathallah – Mahmoud Elsayed – and other first row performers .

Scriptwriter : Moqbel El Barry
Director : Safwat El Qosheiry

Lobna is a kind and rich girl, she met with a man who married her for her being rich ,and suddenly her family lost their wealth and she then got a disorder in her upper abdomen ,and her husband treated her with severity and her condition she gets worse and despite being beside her he thought of divorce but he is liable with a big amount of money if he divorced her , so he tried to have aggressive attitude with her to make a waiving document stating that he is no more liable to her with this amount.
That really happened and accordingly they get divorced.
One day while she is home alone two thieves entered to her house, she found her suffering in a bad condition so one of them his humanity waked up and decided to save her so he took her to his home and let his mum take care of Lobna until she gets better .
Does Lobna will be the reason behind the thief   repentance?

This would be answered while watching our telefilm..