Che ToTo

Recent series
31 episodes

Farouk al-Fishawi – Samir Ghanem – Salah Abdallah – Karima Mukhtar – Ahmed Khalil – Nihal Anbar – Samah Anwar – Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra – Donia Samir Ghanem – Talat Zakaria – Nadine Saba – Mahmoud El Gendy – Daoud Hussein

Writer : Youssef Maaty
 Mohamed Fadl
Production year:
Episodes :


The Restaurant, is where the 30 Episodes takes place, each separate way.

The owner is Adel who had come from Italy trying to apply every untraditional theory in food and his friend Nagaty who is his partner as well and have managerial rights.

Characters in our series are fixed and basic and others are variable.

Our Series is been presented in a comic way, the meaning of (chi tou tou ) is that everything we have.
This sentence has a double meaning that everything guests need is found here, also everything the audience need is here as well like love, comedy , forgery and betrayal as well .
We have everything for our Arabic audience.