Al-Hessab Ya Mademoiselle


Nelly – Lebleba – Zizi El Badrawi – Hayat Kandil –
Sumaya El Alfi – Salah El Saadani – Samir Hosni – Emad Hamdi – Tawfiq Aldeqn – Youssef Fakhr Aldeen – Osama Abbas – Gamal Ismail.

Writer & Scriptwriter:  Adly Fahim
Anwar El Shenawwy
Production year:
Genre: Social


In their summer vacation, a group of girls decided to work in a coffee shop among those ladies is Zizi and Salma who is hesitating to marry Khaled the rich man in order to be free for caring her younger brother Salah.

While Zinat get far from her life by working as a belly dancer after the betrayal of Hamdy the one she loved, and Samira the widow whose husband was killed in October war.

Finally, Salma accepts to marry from khaled , while Zizi fall in love with her colleague  Adel.

Ahmed the elder brother of Salma is refusing the marriage from Khaled, and he obliged her to left work and at the same time he is asking her for money to compensate his being a loser in gambling.