Edak An Meraty


Cast :
Sabah – Roushdy Abazah – Ebrahim Khan – Sameera El Baroudy – Nadya Gamal – Mohamed El Doksh – Naema Eskandarany – Selim Hanna- Shafeeq Hassan – Laila Nasr – Qatqoota- Nagwa Zahery –Rouby Bareedy – Hassan and his band – Samir El Ghadbeeny – shaheen Youssef – Jony Ashqar

Author: Nazeeh El Akoum
Director: Reda Maiser
Genre: Social

Antar left the tribe which he was living with since five years, through this period he got engaged with the Badawean Laila as he discovered that he got a blackout and now he regained his memory back and he has to move to his home country Lebanon .
There in Lebanon he discovered that his woman Nahed is getting married from Abbas and on her honeymoon so he confronts her with his presence with his real name Fahmy and sure Nahed got a shock.
Laila came to the same hotel where her husband is and she asked him to come with her to their tribe for the sake of her and his son as well.