Arees Bel Sodfa

Tele film

Cast : Samir Ghanem – Sabreen – Mostafa Rezk – Tallat Zakareya – Mohamed Mahmoud – Amira Fathy .

Scriptwriter : Talaat Zakareyya

Director : Wael Abdallah

The Tele film revolves around an Egyptian lady living with her uncle in Beirut after her father passed away ,she was truly sad after her fiancée the Lebanese pilot  disappeared .
due her miserable condition and the depression she is having , her uncle make bad use of this through forging documents through the assistance of a lawyer to state his ownership for a land she have as inherited  from her passed father . While in the registration office they met with Shahtout , who is greatly looking like her fiancé ,so he decided to deceive her by telling her that they found her fiancé in Egypt .
After that Shahtout fell for Pousy and suddenly her fiancé appeared who was working with a gang that is working in diamond smuggling while been chased they arrest Shahtout instead.
Will Shahtout will be able to free himself and present what is proofing that he is innocent, that what our Telefilm will lead us to.