Tele Film

Ahmed Abdel Aziz – Eman El Tokhy – Emad Rashad –
Sanaa Younes – Zahrat El Ola – Hasan Hussein – Azza Labib – Nahla Salama and others .

Writer: The consultant/ Hassan Hussen
Prepared by: Shenoda Gerges
Director :  Saeid El Rashidy
Production year: 1987
Episodes:   5
Genre :  Crime show

Our Story is around a guy who lost his memory and get treated from all his wounds and scares except the memory loss that occurred , the nurse (Faiza) taking care of him to be recovered then a love story takes place between them , and she assists him to make a TV interview and publishing photos for him so his family could reach him, and they already did .

However, they is having a story behind, he has left the family home for five years ago for his bad behavior.

So what is the family reaction towards the returned
guy? do they will accept him with his past if he regained his memory and destroy the family , specially having two sisters is about to get married, or receiving him on his state with the new memory and begin a new life bonded together ?

That what the five episodes series will lead us to.