Al-Ser Fe Al-Sandouq

Tele film
Genre : Social

Cast :
Sabah – Roushdy Abazah – Ebrahim Khan – Sameera El Baroudy – Nadya Gamal – Mohamed El Doksh – Naema Eskandarany – Selim Hanna- Shafeeq Hassan – Laila Nasr – Qatqoota- Nagwa Zahery –Rouby Bareedy – Hassan and his band – Samir El Ghadbeeny – shaheen Youssef – Jony Ashqar

Author: Nazeeh El Akoum
Director: Reda Maiser

Our hero Hasanein who is a truck driver with his assistant Basuny, he is working as a courier who receive good coming from abroad to the port and deliver the shipments to their ones . he is very honest and trustworthy , he never think of the wrong to earn more money despite being poor and responsible for his family that consists of his Mum and Dad and his sister as well whom she is preparing herself for marriage ,he as well is preparing himself to marry his Girl .

One day, while he is emptying his truck from goods, he found a huge box, which is come from port by mistake, so he decided to return the box back to the port. But Basuny has an idea  after he knew from the box holes that it’s an animal fur  specially that this box is coming from African forests , so to sell the box and get the money to solve Hassanein financial issues .but Hassanein strongly rejected the idea and decided to hide the box at home until returning it back to the source .

They then surprised that the box is containing huge wild Gorilla that was sleeping under the effect of a narcotic, this Gorilla is owned by a scientist researcher whose had brought her for making his experiments on and will send later to the zoo.
In addition, its a little time and the Gorilla will wake up after the effect goes away.
The question is what they are going to do with this Gorilla.