Al Sabr Jameel



Ezzat and Doreya (rich lady) are in a relation and about to get married, despite truly love each other Doreya betrays Ezzat .

At first he started to have doubts on her and following her everywhere she goes, she felt like he is binding her so she decided to break up and mention her desire to get back all the letters she sent to her fiancé , but Ezzat refused to do so, and was so aggressive with her until Mohamed come and help her (Mohamed was loving her and she never felt for him) .

At this time, Fatma has come (Ezzat lover) and shots Ezzat. In the investigations, Ezzat mentioned that the bullet gets out of his gun by mistake to let Fatma free.

Ezzat then break up with Doreya, while she get married from Mohamed who was truly loves her.

Taheya Kariouka – Mohamed El Kahlawi – Shadia – Mahmoud El Meligy – Shococo – Kitty – Abdel Fattah Al Kosry – Zinat Sedki – Soad Ahmed – Salah Mansour –
Horya Hassan

Writer: Badie Khairy
Neyazi Mostafa
Production year:
Genre: Social