El-Qersh Al-Akeer

Tele Film
Genre: social


Emad Rashad – Wafa Maki – Fouad Bakhsh – and the   child Ahmed Akl and others .

Scriptwriter: Mahdy Baraka
Director: Ahmed Hamdy
Production year: 1991
 For Kids

Adham is from a very rich family he brought up being
overly pampered, his father is always away or travelling for work and the mother is very busy preparing for her MPA in child bringing up .

– Adham was not respecting others and was treating servants with de-evaluation and thus everyone hats him even his friends get away from him despite the fact that he is spending money on his friends.

– The mother fails to change his attitude, so she got a smart idea which is pretending that they have a financial crisis and they will leave their elegant house and will go to a poor room instead and he has to take care of his mum as his dad is not here so he have to work and to start from square one with the amount of 25 piaster as this the only money they have now.
Does the mother will succeed in her experiment to change her child to a good independent and respectful one ?