Al-Qersh Al-Abyd


Wagdy who is a rich man who is searching for the one who will be his wife, he is seeking a girl who loves him for his sake.

He is so confused about the three girls who are surrounding him pretending they are loving him.

Wagdy met with Ensaf, but he was shocked the fact that her father was extremely stingy.

The stingy man makes a deal to let her daughter marry their neighbor Sadek and to marry himself for the daughter of this man.

Wagdy pretends to be a driver who is working for Bahbah the father of Ensaf, and he make a deal with Enayat (belly dancer) to pretends her love for Bahbah whom he spends his money all for her until he faces insolvency and he gets sick so he feels nostalgia for his daughters asking for forgiveness, at this time Wagdy appeared revealing his real character and married Ensaf.

Fawzi El Gazairly – Abbas Fares – Laila Fawzi – Mahmoud Ismail – Thoraya Helmy – Horeya Mohamed – Abdel Moneim Ismail – Ismail Yassin.

Writer: Abo El Souod El Ebiary
Ebrahim Emara
Production year:
Genre: Social