El-Naby Ha Hona

Classic series
30 episodes
Islamic Religion

Mahmoud Yassin – Madiha Kamel – Tawfiq Al-Dekn
Aminah Rizk – Saad Ardash – Ihsan al-Qalawi –
Fatima El-Tabei – Sabri Abdel Aziz – Ruwaida Adnan – Mahmoud El Sayed – Mohi El-ddin Abdel Mohsen And other 150 performers .

Scriptwriter: Abdel Fattah Mostafa
Director: Mahmoud El Barbary
Production year: 1989
Episodes: 30
Genre: Islamic

*Note: More than 70 % of this series is been shoot  in open areas including horses camels .



It’s all around an important era for Islam between (Ghazwet Badr in 2nd year Hijry and Ghazwet Mekka in 7th year Hijry ) through the love story of Aby Baseer and his wife Somayya Al kananeya  through which we get closer to know the way to faith and Islamic jihad in this substantial era in the Islamic history .