Al-Madyna Al-Hadeaa



Omar El Derdaey is an accountant in one of the companies headed by Gamil Bek. Omar discovered a forgery in the accounting and he insists to meet with Gamil Bek but Mahmoud (General Manager) prevents him from doing so.

In the airport,Nadia (Gamil nephew) who has come from Egypt has her bag changed with Kamal who has come to search for Omar because they are jointly inherited over million pounds.

Omar gets arrested while we discover that Mahmoud has transferred all the money to his beloved.


Magda El-Khatib – Youssef Shaaban – Abdel Moneim Ibrahim – Ibrahim Khan – Anwar El-Sardar – Rafiq Al-Sebaie – Sabah Fakhri – Hadi Fridi – Suzy Hamdi – Bakri Atta – Shokria Abdel Karim – Riad Said – Fateh Ghadanfar.

Writer: Anwar El Serdar
Director: Hassan Reda
Production year: 1973
Genre: Social