Classic series
20 episodes

Sanaa Gamil – Gamil Rateb – Sherihan – Hamdi Hafez – Samira Sedqi – Salwa Khattab – Samira Abdel Aziz – Kamal Hussein – Abdel Aziz Makhion – Mahmoud Masoud – Mohamed Imam – Saied Saleh – Ibrahim Nasr –           Ragaa Amin – Manal Zaki – Ahmed Ismail – Rashwan Said – Saleh El – Iskandarani

Scriptwriter: Karam El Naggar
Director: Reda El Naggar
Production year: 1983
Episodes: 20
Genre : Social


The series begins with a serious dispute between a married couple. The husband (Gamil Ratib) is a decent lawyer while his wife, Dr. Iqbal (Sanaa Gamil), is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine. Soon after, they both decide to settle their dispute with a divorce by mutual consent, maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship for the sake of their two young daughters, Siham (Sherihan) and Rowaida (Salwa Khattab).

Dr. Iqbal has built a respectable reputation within the faculty and is known for her firmness and precision. However her reputation comes into question when she realizes that a copy of an exam goes missing and is then shocked by the fact that the exam that she has intended to put to the students has been leaked 30 minutes before the start of the exam. The department chair (Kamal Hussien) quickly resolves the situation by preparing another exam.

The professor decides to resign and dedicate her time to find the perpetrator who is behind the exam leak. She has doubts and suspicions about everyone and therefore investigates every person that could be related to the crime beginning with her underperforming students to her servant and daughters. She also asked for the assistance of her husband
Nevertheless, he called the police to make the case in the normal procedures.
Moreover, we have the love story of Siham & Sharaby ( Hamdy Hafez) and his competitor Dr Ahmed (Abdel Aziz Makhyon) .
Until the truth revealed and we reach who has stolen the exam.