Foad raised up being a handicapped which leads to being introspective and lonely most of time away of contacting people . He has a literal talent thus he was named (The handicapped narrative) . He falls in love with a lady who is Wedad, his mum felt so happy with this story, but truly the girl was not more feeling pity towards him.

Once his brother (Gamil) appears, he was attractive and very vibrant, Wedad decided to go with Gamil instead and they spent a loving time together, they had only a problem which is how to face Foad with the truth that they both love each other.

Foad was very smart and he understand the hidden message and he scarifies his love for the sake of his brother, he turned again to his writings and his insolent feeling sorry for being handicapped and he reach by the end that he is here not for love but for storytelling.

Samya Gamal – Mahmoud Ismail – Rawheya Khaled – Mohsen Sarhan – Zeinab Sedqi – Zuzou Shekib – Mohamed El Deeb – Ismail Yassin – Hussein El Meligy – Hassan Kamel

Writer:  Mahmoud Ismail
Hassan Helmy
Production year: