Abyd Wo Esoud

Classic series
20 episodes


 Mostafa Fahmy – Salah Zul Fuqqar – Mahmoud Hemida – Hala Sedqi – Mohamed Reda –
Hassan Hosni – Ragaa El Gedawy – Simon –
Abdo El Wazir – Imad Rashad – Lamia El Gedawy

Scriptwriter : Fesal Nada
Director: Hamdy El Ebrashy
Music: Hany Shenouda
Singing: Simon
Production year : 1988
Episodes : 20
Genre: Social

White stands for Kindness and the black stands for the Evil. As humans, we are having inside a great space for kindness or the evil.

In this manner, how the evil part inside could be expanded to let the human appears to be wicked.

Moreover, how could we make a treatment for the evil in our soul so that we can turn into pure and generous?

We will find the answers for the above questions inside our series through a group of employees inside a company that is offering services for people despite the crisis they faced.